How does it work?

1- Find treatment / trusted clinic

On MED in TRAVEL, you can find qualified hospitals/clinic and specialized doctors for your desired treatment. We just represent top international medical centers that meet world quality standards.

2- Submit a request and specify an issue

Apart from searching hospitals and clinics, you may request for treatment options generally. in this case you can get a free quotation regarding to your health requirements and priorities. to enable the doctor, surgeon, or dentist to make an accurate assessment of your case, its required to have your medical documents and histories that can be send via website uploading area. Once the required documents are ready, you can get a personalized quote, suggested appointment dates, and additional information on the procedure, clinic, and doctor and related medical works prices.

3- Get free consultation

On MED in TRAVEL, You will have the opportunity to get medical and health consulting services.
This consultation has been conducted by experienced people and helps you to better understand your health status and needs and choose and receive the best and most relevant service based on the range of services you provide.

4- Trip organizing

We will plan and offer a comprehensive and integrated health trip solution based on your medical and wellness issues, as well as your time, budget and interests. This trip plan can include your flight, accommodation, transportation, treatment, and  your visits to the targeted tourist centers.

5- Pick up and transportation services

Upon your arrival in destination, one of our colleagues will welcome you. After that, you will be transferred to the residence with a private pick up service.

6- 24/7 support with translation

On MED in TRAVEL, you will get and 24/7  on-call assistance and translation services for patients and their companions.

7- Get right accommodation

In addition to having access to a wide range of medical and therapeutic centers, we have made it possible for our users and patients to enjoy the right and suitable accommodation during their stay in the destination regarding their preferences, budget and their interests. the available accommodation will be suggested in a wide range from  3 to 5 star hotels or rental private houses or apartments.

8- Enjoy the attractions of the destination city

In MED in TRAVEL, we have planned an multi-purpose memorable journey that focuses on your health and wellness, but will be added with a tailored tourism plans due to your interests and preferences, to enjoy the most amazing tourist attractions of destinations.

9- High Quality treatment

Based on your approval on the medical quote and following agreed date, you will be transferred to the selected clinic to doctor visit, diagnostic test, doing procedure and post treatment.
It is noticeable that, all clinics are well equipped with the finest infrastructure, modern equipment, trained supportive staffs and international standards of hygiene and care for the comfort of patients.

10- Long-term follow-up

You will receive long-term follow-up service by voice/ video call and keep in touch with your doctor after treatment.

If you post-treatment plan required special care assistance service, or you may need to stay at the destination for some days to recover and for check-ups. The clinic will give required information alongside your personalized quote. all any special services for post- treatment will be delivered with high quality and surcharges.